The LifeSoap Story

When co-founder of LifeSoap, Juwon Melvin, visited Morocco for the first time, he was shocked to see the number of children that weren't in school during the day. 

These children were outside the classroom because they had to walk miles to get clean water for their families.

Juwon continued his travels and saw the same thing was happening in Nicaragua. These children were missing out on their education because their basic needs weren't being met. He became inspired to to take action.


Upon returning to the United States, Juwon met with his college friend, Aaron Madonna to share his recent travels. Juwon and Aaron felt compelled to help these children and discussed how they could make a difference. They decided to create a business that would give a share of each sale to support clean water initiatives. 

As they explored business ideas, they discussed a need to solve a problem for consumers and inspire those consumers to support clean water initiatives.

Aaron shared that he has always struggled to find quality bath products. Most soaps break out his skin and are packed with chemical ingredients. He discovered that their were many others who shared his need for bath and body products that weren't packed with chemical ingredients.

After additional discussions the idea for LifeSoap was born. Provide our customers with organic bath & body products, while donating 10% from each sale to sustainably support clean water projects in developing countries.

Our customers have helped us to bring clean water 1800+ school children, while enjoying our organic soap products. Our partnerships with El Porvenir and the LARRK Foundation have helped us to accelerate our mission to bring clean water to children in need.


We have been recognized across the country in Oprah Magazine, Self Magazine, NBC news, Foam Magazine, 5280 Magazine, blogs and by social media gurus.

Thank you for the love!

Our Products

Our bath and body products are designed to moisturize, soothe and nurture your sensitive skin. We strive to use certified organic ingredients in all of our products.


Our products are gentle for your skin, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and vegan friendly.

Our Impact

1800+ schoolchildren served with clean water and counting!


Together, we have funded 11 clean water projects at nine schools in Nicaragua. These clean water wells, latrines, and hand washing stations have improved the health and safety of more than 1,800 schoolchildren. Thank you for making a difference!